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Charles Hedrich on every sides of the world



Record :

2003 : Paris-Dakar with a dirt Bike , 6th place in the 400 cm3 category.

2003 : World Record Crossing the channel with a sailing boat : DOUVRES- CALAIS, 60 feet with a crew, in 1h18min50s.

2004 : English transat, Oceanic Sailing solo race , 11th.

2004 - 2005 Sailed around the world, solo, without stopping nor supplying in 122 days.

2006  Mount Everest, 8848 m, Tibetan rout.  17 May 2006.

2007 World Record Rowing across the Atlantique, 36 days and 6 hours from Sénégal (Dakar) to Brésil (Guara Point, Amazonia).

2008 : Antarctic expedition, 550 kms  solo, skiing and kiteskiing.

2009 World First premiere , Crossing from North Pole to Greenland with Arnaud Tortel without any supllying in 62 days.

2009 - 2010 : World First premiere , Sailed around the world Passing by the North West Passage and around Antarctica. With the Glory of the sea and his crew.

2010 Afghanistan, alpinisme et ski au Panshire à 20 km du  centre-ville de Kaboul avec Nadjib Sirat.

2011 :  Finisher of mutiple Races in the same year:

               - Pierra-Menta, Cross country skiing, March.

               Ironman, Nice France , June.

               -  UTMB, Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc, Agust . 

2012 World First Premiere, Rowing the Atlantic both ways Solo without any stops in 145 days an 21 hours. Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon Terre-Neuve, Îles Canaries, Îles du Cap  Vert, Caraïbes Martinique.

2015 World First Premiere – Atacama desert crossing (Chili) self sufficiently from Arica to Copiapo. 1 300 km walking in the driest desert on earth in 32 days. 

2013 -2014-2015 World First Premiere - Rowing the North West Passage. Already 5000 km done in 130 days of expedition from the Bering Strait Alasaka to Talayoak, Nunavut Canada.

Summer 2015 : 1000 km left to go, Charles has restarted from Taloyoak and aimed to reach the Baffin Sea mid september. 




Born in Lyon on the 3rd of March 1958 , Maried, 3 sons.


Military service : 

Saint Cyr, Coëtquidan, Chef de section de combat au 13e bataillon de Chasseurs Alpins Modane. 


Formation :                                                                                                     

- Merchant Navy Officer.                                                    

- Ski instructor.               


Professional activities :

- Merchant Navy Officer for 7 years

- CEO for 13 years, creation and development of his companny in France, Europe and united states.

  Introduction on the stock market in 1997, sold the company in 2002.


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